Selling our home

After we signed the contract we then faced the hard part.  We had 60 days to sell our home or we’d lose the lot.  And the builder’s consolation if we lost our lot was to offer another lot to pick from and we really weren’t sure we’d want to build at all if we couldn’t build on 4D. We moved out in a hurry and moved in with my parents.  We listed our home for sale on February 11th. And then we waited. And nothing happened.  And time ticked on by. And pretty quickly we were coming up on our 60 days. Then Eric had the great idea to see if the mortgage company would approve us non contingent to the sale of our home. We have some money in stocks and we hoped that would be enough to get us approved and to buy us some time.  And we got approved!  On March 5th, my birthday, we went in and signed a new contract and our start date was set. We knew we had 5 months to sell our house. And if we didn’t do it were going to have to cash out everything we had.
It was miserable. Just waiting. And there’s another showing set!  And then we’d watch the clock and wait. And no call would come.  And we’d lose hope, yet again.  Over 30 showings. Over 30 No’s.

In the meantime, we distracted ourselves with fine tuning all of our option picks.  I went over the details of the kitchen day in and out.  Quartz or no Quartz?  Adding the vent hood?  Stacked cabinets?  We went to the design center and model home several times to figure everything out. (More about that here)

Then, on the weekend before our new house broke ground something crazy happened. A couple wanted to make an offer on the house. They met with our realtor and finally the offer came in and then our hearts sunk. We had already dropped the price quite a bit and then this offer was soooo low.  We were disgusted by how low it was but we had no other options. So we countered back a bit lower than we were even comfortable with.  And then the next day they rejected the offer. That’s that. That day there was another showing of the house.  We thought nothing of it. By then, a showing didn’t even bring any hope.  An older gentleman checked out the house, then his realtor showed him a few more houses and then the unthinkable happened. He offered 5k less than asking in all cash.  The contract was signed by 5 o’clock. We went out and celebrated. It was the same day the new house broke ground. A book closed and a new one opened all in one day.  The next day our realtor contacted us. The buyer had backed out. Apparently he had purchased the house for his son and his son drove by, did not even go in, and said he didn’t want it.  Our realtor was appalled. But because the buyer can back out within 3 days of receiving the HOA packet without penalty there was nothing we could do.  Then lightning struck the third time. A potential buyer had requested a showing for that day. And our realtor had forgotten to cancel it. And don’t you know that lady also wanted the house. She offered and we countered several times and the next evening the new contract was signed.  And then we held our breath and said a prayer and thank god, this one took.

Selling our house took over 90 days. We thought when we listed it would sell realistically in a month. I am so glad Eric had the idea to go non contingent because if we hadn’t, we would have lost our lot.

It took another 6 weeks after selling our home to close.  Our lender said we would have to close out our stocks within 30 days of closing on the new home and we were about 2 weeks from that deadline.  We were so incredibly thankful to sign those documents at closing and to finally be able to enjoy the building process.



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