Top Pendant Picks 2016

I have been scouring the internet for the past 6 months for one thing alone: the perfect pendants to go over the island.  Function + industrial + appropriate sizing + versatile + WOW factor.  Nothing too modern.  Nothing too fancy.  Not just any pendant will do.  And the tiny 4″ opaque glass pendants currently sitting above my kitchen island are JUST. SO. SAD.

I am about 99% sure that THE pendant is among these below.  But I’m still not sure which one is my favorite quite yet.  I am currently making a bajillion mood boards fitting each of these pendants to scale – my idea of a good time.  I can tell you that pretty much every single one of these guys at least for a day in the last 6 months was the one….until the next day when I decided on another one.

I’m normally super frugal but I’m trying to turn a new leaf with the new house.  Cheaper is not always better.  This is my forever home.  Theoretically, I’m picking my forever pendants.  I’m ok spending a little more money to get exactly what I want.  However, I’m still not sure if I’m cool with spending $1,400+ for Hicks pendants….do you know how many pendants I could buy for that? #givemeallthependants





Complete Source List (the list goes on and on….there’s 36 of these bad boys):

Hood Pendant [Rejuvenation] $495 (14″)

Percy Pendant in Copper [Dot & Bo] $169 (13.5″)

Wesco Uplight Cord Hung Pendant [Barn Light Electric] $185 (16″)

Regina-Andrew Design Camden 5-Light Lantern [Horchow] $565 (16.25″)

Hicks Large Pendant [Circa Lighting] $735 (12.5″)

Beckley 1-Light Pendant, Metallic Gold [One Kings Lane] $219 (17.5″)

Piedmont 4-Light Lantern [Ballard Designs] $249 (13″)

Alchemist Pendant [RH Baby & Child] $319 (15″)

Brass Factory Modern No. 5 Pendant [Schoolhouse Electric] $279 (16″)

Small Eugene Pendant Light [Circa Lighting] $420 (12″)

Giles Tall Lantern Pendant Aged Brass [RH Baby & Child] $321 (13.5″)

Eastmoreland 8″ Pendant [Rejuvenation] $525 (16″)

Zhaleh Pendant, Copper [Lulu & Georgia] $369.60 (20.5″)

Harmon Pendant [RH] $389 (15″)

Butte Cone Pendant [Rejuvenation] $299 (18″)

Eastmoreland 6″ Pendant [Rejuvenation] $290 (14″)

Vintage Barn Pendant [RH] $239 (14″) *On Sale

Rose City 6″ Pendant [Rejuvenation] $280 (15.75″)

Carson 12″ Cord Pendant [Rejuvenation] $249 (12″)

Parisian Architectural Clear Glass Poste Pendant [RH] $239 (16″)

Wesco Uplight Stem Mount Pendant [Barn Light Electric] $205 (16″)

Havenwood 3-light Globe Pendant [Wayfair] $250 (14.5″)

Glass & Metal Cage Pendant [PB Kids] $349 (19″)

Bashaw 1-Light Bowl Pendant [Wayfair] $225.99 (16.75″)

Clear Seeded Glass Bubble Pendant [Shades of Light] $298 (16.75″)

Parisian Architectural Clear Glass Biblioteque Pendant [RH] $219 (15″)

Vintage Gold 4-Light Lantern Pendant [Bellacor] $199.90 (20″)

Globe Pendant [West Elm] $119 (14″)

Haleigh Wire Dome Pendant [Rejuvenation] (12″)

Luna Pendant [Schoolhouse Electric] $269 (12″)

Hildegard Pendant [Dwell Studio] $206 (14″)

Pineridge Warehouse Corded Pendant [Rejuvenation] $425 (16″)

Parisian Octagonal Clear Glass Pendant [RH] $263 (14″) *On Sale

Oversized Glass Jug Pendant [Shades of Light] $330 (17″)

18″ Benjamin Deep Bowl Stem Mount Easy Release Pendant [Barn Light Electric] $289 (18.25″)

Antiqued Metal Funnel Cone Pendant [RH] $416 (18″)


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