Weekly Picks

It takes a lot for me to settle on making a big purchase.  I have this issue where I need to be confident that I can’t get it better/cheaper somewhere else.  I pinned about a hundred poufs for Flynn’s room before I finally bought one.  And that was just a pouf.

The thing about buying things online is that you can compare so many items and get stuck in the depths of the Internet. Do you know how many marble cheese boards you can buy online?  Tons. But I bought one today because I saw it, I could pick it up, feel it, appreciate the graining and I loved it. And that was that.  That’s the bad thing about most bigger house purchases though. Chances are I’m going to buy something from online.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that I have access to all of these amazing stores that are absolutely nowhere near where I live, but sometimes I just wish I could see it in person.  Today I sat on a stool I have been eyeing for some time at World Market and within seconds I knew it wasn’t the one because my feet didn’t sit right on the footrest.

This week’s picks are items I picked up in store so not only do they look pretty but they also feel great.  Just so ya know.


  1. Reproduction Richmond Map by Shades of Light [Shades of Light] $129.00
  2. Monogram Letter Hooks [World Market] $3.58
  3. Artisanal Kitchen Supply Two-Tone Round Marble Cheese Board with Handle [Bed Bath and Beyond] $24.99
  4. Galvanized Cake Stand 10″ [World Market] $9.99
  5. White scalloped cake stand 9″ [Pier 1] $11.96 *on sale
  6. Jade Colored Glass Pedestal Stand 8.75″ [World Market] $19.99

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