Weekly Picks 8.19.16

Entomology Canvas Banner [Dot and Bo] $55

Cedar and Moss 8 Semi-Flush [Rejuvenation] $159

Nora Vegan Leather Dining Bench [Urban Outfitters] $529

Gloria Rug [The Vintage Rug Shop] $575

This week my son learned about butterflies.  A gorgeous monarch somehow got trapped in the house.  Unfortunately, it flew to the room that has 20 foot ceilings and was busy trying to escape out of one of the upper windows.  Flynn would go to the big room and “eh eh eh” at the butterfly.  “Yes, it’s a butterfly and he’s trapped.  I hope he finds his way out”.  2 days later he was still “eh eh eh”ing away at where the butterfly used to be but he was gone.

A day or so later I discovered the poor butterfly had met his untimely death.  He was RIPing over on a different window ledge that was more visible.  Flynn saw him and pointed “eh eh eh”.  “Yes, he died.  But he is flying in a beautiful meadow in heaven I bet”.  My son is 2 and if he really understood what I was saying I probably wouldn’t have said that.  Unfortunately for me, my son knew EXACTLY what I was saying.  So he started bawling.  Every time Flynn went into the room he would point at the window and moan/wail.

A day later after some more protesting from Flynn about the tragedy, grandma decided she’d go and retrieve the butterfly and take him to “be with the flowers”.  She showed Flynn as she went and dumped him in a flower pot.  Instead of perching on a beautiful flower, he fell lifeless onto the dirt.  This was met with more bawling from Flynn.

Last night Flynn went over to the flower pot and the butterfly was gone!  He moaned in anguish.  He ran inside to the big room and pointed up to the window sill.  GONE.  Where could he be?  “I guess he flew away.  Good for him, Flynn”.  More sad moans.

Flynn was enjoying a snack later when he picked up a random gift tag on a side table.  It had a butterfly on it (seriously???).  He pointed at it, looked at me and cried.  So these weekly picks are dedicated to the beautiful monarch who taught my son his first lesson of loss.  RIP little monarch.


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