Moving In

Moving Day

The last 2 weeks have been a bit of a blur as we unpack and settle into the new house. I have done approximately 20 loads of laundry cleaning everything we own so it doesn’t smell like cardboard and stale storage units. And I still have about 10 more loads of laundry. It never ends…

In between loads of laundry and chasing around a crazy toddler, I have been obsessively shopping. Lighting, rugs, furniture, art…you name it, I’ve searched for it this week. I’m ready to throw out everything we own and start anew but obviously I can’t do that. So I’m trying to stay on task and focus but seriously 10 minutes down the road on my search tangent i’m looking at desk chairs and I’m wondering how did i get here? But when i did stay on task this week I focused on 3 items: pendant lights for the kitchen, our eat-in kitchen table and finding the perfect not-so-white subway tile.

I finally checked one of those off the list with the pendants so that means I can officially have a conversation with my husband that doesn’t include random pendant questions. Believe me, he’s pretty excited about that.

Which pendants did I pick?  Spoiler – it’s a 12 inch globe of some kind.  More to come….

Paper cutouts representing 14″ globe (L) and 12″ (R)

I finalized our kitchen table measurements (36″ by 78″) and inspo. I’m still waiting to hear back from the carpenter I found on facebook to see if he can make it happen.

And I have officially acquired 4 different white subway tiles that just aren’t quite right. Very frustrating. Why is there umpteen shades of white? It’s just white. 👎🏻 (more about that here)

Other things we did this week were hanging this beast…

And decorating the glass cabinets because priorities.  (if you haven’t discovered this video on kitchen styling by studio mcgee you should check it out – I found it super helpful)

Tomorrow we’ll go select our blinds at Lowe’s and then we’ll be enjoying a few days of non-house stuff.

This weekend is about savoring that last bit of summer and SALES.  Yup, so many sales.  If you are a rejuvenation nerd like me they are having a super duper sale with 20% off all dining room stuff including pendants and chandeliers (oh my!) + free shipping.  YAssss.  Other sales include Barn Light Electric and Lulu & Georgia.  You know who’s not having a sale?  CB2.  I ogled their catalog last night and I’m in love.  I need this light in my life.

Happy Labor Day and happy shopping!


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