THE pendants.

It’s been about 7 months since I began the search for the perfect pendants.  It has been a roller coaster.  And at times, even Flynn has questioned my sanity and my love for pendants.


But we’ve reached the end and there are actual pendants hanging up in my kitchen.  And I’m not talking about one of the hundred or so mood boards I made with scaled to size pendants. :O


Not too long ago we had only narrowed it down to 36 options….oh boy.  Here’s the low down on how we took it to ONE.

At first I was dead set that we were having copper pendants.  So I had all but bought these pendants here from barn light electric.  wescocopper

But I knew I really wanted to paint the island.  And I wasn’t sure if the color of the copper would  be too much with a painted island. Then, for a long time I was convinced we needed brass pendants.  Brass is in, baby!  But…how long will it be in?  And all of my hardware is chrome.  And my vent hood is STAINLESS.  I found a few kitchens on houzz that made mixed metals work, but was I trying too hard?  Why was I trying to make brass work when it really didn’t seem to be our destiny?


The day our granite got installed is pretty much the day the ship sailed on brass pendants.  The granite has a decidedly green tone to it.  And if I was going to have mostly colored pendants WITH colored granite, I couldn’t paint the island.  And painting the island was one of a few things I was really sure we wanted to do with the kitchen.  So then I went back to the drawing board on metal pendants.  What about chrome pendants?  What about nickel pendants?  But they either looked too fancy schmancy or just boring.

So then I nixed all metal pendants.  The kitchen needed either glass pendants or white pendants.  And so somewhere oh, say, 3 months ago I was ready to pull the trigger on one of these guys.



And we both decided the Factory 7 pendants were it!  But then Eric, who always has a way of saying things I really need to hear even though he DNGAF about pendants said, “what if the white clashes with the cabinets?”  And maybe the cabinets are far enough away that it wouldn’t matter and maybe it wouldn’t clash anyway….blah blah.  We’ll never really know.  But it was enough to convince me to not go with them.  Also, if white pendants are anything like white subway tile I can tell you there are way too many shades of something that should be pretty darn standard.

The other issue digging at me was that all along I had pictured similar white barn lights going over the kitchen table which is directly next to the kitchen island.  And of course I couldn’t pick those pendants if I went with the factory 7 pendants.  The 2 sets of pendants needed to “go” together but also be different.  Between the 2 sets of pendants I wanted a pair of glass pendants and a pair of barn lights/down lights.   And whatever I picked for the kitchen, I would pick the opposite for the eat-in kitchen.  Because the eat-in kitchen is really looked through from either side, I didn’t want glass pendants that would obscure your line of sight through the space (ahem…read TV).  Also, the table pendants should be much smaller and less impacting.  The island pendants needed to be the WOW.  The table pendants needed to provide lighting over the kitchen table and to not distract too much from the WOW.


Closing Day

So that left me wanting glass pendants for the kitchen.  And I had quite a few favorites, most of them from rejuvenation.  And then there was the hicks pendant.  Cue beams of heavenly rays.


Oh, the hicks pendant, how I adore thee.  A simple search on houzz reveals some of my absolute favorite kitchens.  All boasting the beautiful hicks pendants.  All spending $735 on each of those gorgeous lights.  All making the statement, “I’m ok spending a shit ton on my lights.”  Or something like that.

There was about a week where I toyed with the idea of getting the hicks pendants.  And even though my husband said something like, “I’m ok with it, I thought you were going to buy those months ago”, I couldn’t help that feeling that I was spending way too much on lights.  So I kicked it to the curb.  But not so far that I couldn’t google it or look it up on houzz and sigh and wonder what our lives could have been like together.


A long time ago, when we moved into our first house in 2009, I discovered rejuvenation and I fell in love with the hood pendant.  I remember getting the rejuvenation catalog, paging through it and just dreaming.  I didn’t have a kitchen or a house quite worthy of rejuvenation lights at the time and truthfully I didn’t have the cash for them either.  But I dreamed anyway.  And in those dreams I had an amazing industrial kitchen with hood pendants.  So why didn’t I just buy the hood pendants right away then you might ask?


Well, similar to the hicks pendants, the hood pendants were unattainable in my mind.  Too pricy.  But I never not loved them.  I just thought deep down there’s got to be something else I can love that isn’t quite as expensive.

So I tried to love some other similar glass/globe style pendants.

But each one made a statement I wasn’t quite ready to stand behind 100%.  The luna pendant from schoolhouse electric and the globe pendant from west elm were just too mod.  And the schoolhouse shade on the rose city pendant looked a little too retro.  I think my husband’s still in the rose city camp.


14″ globe vs. a (wanting to fold) 15.75″ schoolhouse shade

I could put a globe on the rose city or eastmoreland 8″ but the fixture itself had me thinking, shouldn’t I just buy the hood?  And when you’re already up to $600+, what’s a couple more hundred, right?

Then for a brief week I was falling in love with Cedar & Moss.  Especially the alto rod pendant in this amazing kitchen.


But, similar to the west elm globe, I was afraid I couldn’t quite handle the mod look.  But if nothing else, this made me realize that white globes were hot hot hot!

Then, destiny was set.  THE REJUVENATION SALE.  20% off all pendants and chandeliers + FREE SHIPPING.  It would save me easily 300 bucks.  I’m such a cheapskate at heart so it’s not surprising that the sale is what clinched it.

So the hood was it!  But then I was all….ahh, which one?  Clear globe?  Opal globe?  What finish on the fixture?  I’ve always loved the opal globes but then I got scared seeing them lit that it would come off as yellow-y when on.  Then I got worried that we’d have to use edison bulbs in the clear globes and that it wouldn’t provide enough light.  So I came back to the opal glass and am so glad I did.

Then we had to decide on the size.  All along I was thinking 14″ was going to be it but when we cut out a 14″ round piece of paper and hung it up (left) it looked BIG (p.s. our island is 99 inches wide).  So we put up a 12″ one (right) just for kicks and we both looked at it and knew that was the right size.


As far as the finish we loved the oil rubbed bronze from the start in pictures and the black with the white was such a nice contrast.  We toyed with going with the antique copper but we weren’t crazy about it.  If they had polished copper as an option I think it would’ve made the decision much harder.

So we ordered everything and about 2 weeks later, it arrived!


These lights are stunning!  I’m so glad we went with the opal globes.  That glass is thick and milky perfection.  As soon as I opened the box and saw the globe I got shivers.  It’s THAT good.  These pendants are so versatile but also have such a classic feel that I hope we never tire of.  Our kitchen may go through changes over the years, but I think the hoods will always look at home here.



4 thoughts on “THE pendants.

  1. Anna says:

    Nicole! This post… wow. It made us all smile in my office and thank you so much for sharing your journey. I am fairly new to the company, but totally relate to your feeling when you first discovered us back in 2009. I’m so happy you went with the Hoods. GREAT choice.


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