Cora’s Nursery




Welcome to my room, I mean….Cora’s nursery.  This room has been my absolute favorite to design.


This is the second nursery I’ve designed but this time around it’s been a lot different.  I designed Flynn’s nursery while I was trapped on the couch for 10 weeks on bed rest.  Of course, when you’re on bed rest you can’t go shop for things in store. And you don’t feel like spending a lot of money because you’re sitting on your butt not making any. So his room became pretty heavily DIY (origami, cross stitching, homemade banners, really bad sewing, etc.) and therefore relatively cheap. If I couldn’t order it or make it, it did not go in his nursery.

I still love the way his room turned out but this time around has been so different.  For one thing, I spent a lot more money. Oops. I also have the perks of having gone through the baby phase and into toddlerhood and seen how a room needs to evolve rather quickly. So Cora’s room could easily work for a toddler girl or pre-teen or say, even me.  Because I pretty much designed it for me – just switch out the crib for a full and I’m all set.  Sure it still definitely reads girly (I’m pretty girly after all) but I very much tried to steer away from anything too babyish.  I also didn’t want to get locked into a theme. So my simple criteria for every purchase was that it just needed to be something I loved.  With so many cute girl things out there, I didn’t want to rule out anything (I’m looking at you adorably themed muslin blankets!).

As I started collecting things I started to picture that the room was kind of an eclectic mix for a cool chick. Of any age. I designed it for the girl I hope she becomes.IMGP2217

It’s light and airy and yes, pink.  Well technically it’s white. The color is stunning and I couldn’t dream of a more perfect, subtle pink.  I fell in love with it when I saw it used in this nursery (I also want to steal her kitchen!)  It feels so refreshing. I’m sure I won’t feel that way as I schlep back and forth to the room in the middle of the night 10 times.  But, I still look forward to those magical moments at dawn when the rest of the world is waking up and there’s a sweet babe curled into my chest snoozing away and the light filters in and fills the room with that delicious glow. That is exactly what this pink was made for.


The light fixture was my first purchase and it really set the tone that this room means serious, non-baby business.  It is gorgeous and it just feels right even after all of the changes this room made.



The dresser wall has quickly become my favorite.  IMGP2178

After using a small dresser for a changing table for Flynn’s room I knew I wanted something wider (read: avoid setting poopy diaper down only to have baby’s foot propel it across room).


This 6 foot MCM I found on Craigslist is a bit wider than I had hoped for but ended up working out perfectly.  It gives us a lot of storage and plenty of elbow room for changing wriggling babies. There was a long period where I was afraid to take the plunge and paint it but I’m so glad we went for it. The white feels bright and fresh and the cleaned up brass and laminate hardware gives it just the right amount of charm.


The artwork is a collection of my favorites from rifle paper and urban outfitters with a unicorn head from land of nod.  It’s mythical creatures meets cool chick with shades, which coincidentally is exactly where my inner child fits in.



Choosing the art that went above the crib was no easy task. I fell in love with a few prints from minted but fell out of love with their price tags, even unframed. And how the heck do you frame a 30×40 print without it costing a fortune.  I was able to get the look I wanted by this minted for west elm piece and with the use of a coupon code and a gift card it became a lot more reasonable.  I imagine one day she’ll grow tired of it and then I know it could go really anywhere in the house and to others it will be abstract and for me and Eric it will always remind us of sweet baby Cora.


The mirror was a gift from my mother in law and the scalloped edges play nicely with the light fixture.


I picture us storing stuffed animals and books in a large basket somewhere else and the shelves will hold a few pretty things.  The flipped over bottom flisat can hang pretty clothes or with the addition of some s hooks cute bags or purses.



I added the removable wallpaper to the front of the hidden shelves on the dresser as well as to the sides of the other drawers.  It was sooooo easy and affordable (it was less than $30 for the roll and I only used maybe half)

IMGP2212IMGP1981If the nursery was themed I suppose I’d have to say it was Summer-themed with an emphasis on mermaids, flamingos and ice cream…which you’ll find multiple times around the room.


Do you see those adorable little plates?  Those are only $5 each from Anthropologie (when they’re on sale which is often lately).  The C plate has a cactus on it and says “dare to cuddle” 🙂


The hardest part of pregnancy for me is the middle because it’s the scariest time.  Every week I would wonder if this would be the week my baby girl would be taken from me.  Every week I looked up the percent of babies that survive birth at that week and the percent of babies that have major developmental issues.  Planning the nursery and obsessing over each and every detail was my distraction, just as it was with Flynn’s pregnancy.  I finished the nursery around 35 weeks which was just in time to be able to sigh and realize that everything will be ok.  Now this belly has gotten bigger than I had ever hoped and carries a *full-term* baby in it which is just mind-boggling.  I wish I could go back and tell myself at 20 weeks to not worry – that not only would we make it longer than Flynn but we would make it to the end but that’s not how life works.  I probably would’ve eaten a little healthier…

Cora will arrive on July 28th via c-section after being stuck breech for 3 months.  She will have stayed in my belly for 6 weeks longer than her brother to the day.  I am so delighted that unlike Flynn, she will likely come straight home.

Welcome home baby girl!


Source List

Wall Color [SW Intimate White] | Rug [Joss & Main] | Dresser [Craigslist-Drexel Paragon Collection painted with Flat White Rustoleum spray paint] | Light Fixture [Serena & Lily] | Table Lamp [Pottery Barn Teen] | Floor Lamp [Target] | Crib [second hand Delta] | Curtains [Target] | Curtain Rod [Bed Bath & Beyond]  | Curtain Clips [West Elm] | Art over Crib [West Elm] | Side Table [Target] | The World is Your Oyster [Rifle Paper and Co] | Mermaid [Rifle Paper & Co] | Shades [Rifle Paper & Co] | Horse [Urban Outfitters] | Sloths [Urban Outfitters]  | Unicorn Head [The Land of Nod] | Gold Coral Jewelry Stand [Target] | Mobile [Pottery Barn Kids] | Rocker [IKEA] | Pouf [Home Goods] | Mirror [Pottery Barn Kids] | Shelves [IKEA] | Pink Dream Catcher [The Land of Nod] | Letter Plates [Anthropologie] | Hanging Planters [Anthropologie discontinued] | Laundry Hamper [Anthropologie discontinued] | Gold wire basket [Anthropologie] | Face planter [Target] | Wallpaper on dresser [Target] | Trash Can [Target] | Palm Throw [Pottery Barn Teen] | Mermaid Pillow [Target] | Hazel the Deer knit doll [Blabla Kids] | Crib Sheet [Anthropologie] | Changing Pad Cover [Spearmint Love] | Pride & Prejudice [Amazon] | Flora [Amazon] | Rosie [Amazon] | Paris [Amazon] | A Little Princess [Amazon] | The Little Mermaid [Barnes & Noble]







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