Trimming out the Kitchen Island

Our island before was so bland and boring and very, very basic.


When we built our house there was an option to get a trimmed out island and I believe it was around $1500.  It was never really a consideration because we had too many other more pressing items that were busting our budget.  Also, I knew I wanted to paint the island so I figured we could do it ourselves later.

The first step was removing the quarter round and any corner trim pieces.

We then attached a base board to run around the entire island that sat level to the toekick.  We were able to find .25 inch craft boards (we used poplar but they also had pine and oak – go to Lowe’s NOT Home Depot) which we used for our main trim pieces and we also found .5 inch thick boards to use as our baseboard which seemed like the right thickness that says “hey! I’m a baseboard, I’m thicker” without sticking out into our walkways too much.

We have about a 5 inch gap from the top of the toe kick area to the floor so that meant our baseboard needed to sit about an inch off the floor.  Attaching the baseboard and making it level while also trying to perfectly miter the corners was the WORST part of this project.  It took us entirely way too long but getting it level was super important.  We used longer nails for the baseboards because 1) the boards were .5 inch thick and 2) the nails would be going down below the cabinets so we wouldn’t see them sticking into the cabinets any.

The baseboard runs around the entire island, even on the back portion which has our sink, dishwasher and cabinetry.

After that we attached the .25 inch boards.  This was much easier because the bottom board could sit directly on the baseboard and also because we decided to use butt joints and not miter these.  We used smaller nails for this part because as expected these nails were visible inside our cabinet (just by a little bit).

We decided to split the sides into 2 boxes and split the area where the (3) stools sat into 3 boxes.

We then reinstalled the corner trim pieces to close the corner gaps.  Then I applied spackle to every place wood met wood (I like that it’s sandable so I prefer to use that) and caulked every seam where wood met the existing island, including the counter.

Quarter round will be installed under the baseboard after we paint the island.

This entire project cost about $100-$150 for all of our materials.

Want to see how we decided on what color to paint the island?  Follow-up post right here.



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