A Green Island

Did you miss how we trimmed out the island?  See that post right here.

Originally when we built the house I wanted a dark blue island.  The day our granite was installed I was super bummed because I knew we wouldn’t be able to have a blue island.  Our granite has sage green undertones and lots of green flecks in it as well as some yellow and purple flecks. I thought the blue would majorly clash. I quickly jumped to green thinking this would be the perfect color. We looked through tons of samples to try to narrow down our choices but as usual I liked everything….except that hot pink chosen by this little boy. Yup. I liked everything. Even the black. P.S. this is how my kitchen looks when we’re working on a project which is 90% of the time. So the husband was not too fond of the dark colors so we picked out all the sage shades and tried to find a winner amongst them. And in my head was the most beautiful sage green I’ve ever seen which was the trim paint in the house we stayed in from Gargnano, Italy. It was beyond perfect and felt like someone had brought the olive trees that filled the back yard right into the house. I mean 🤤 So then all we had to do was the impossible – find the match. So we did the best we could do and picked 3 samples that seemed the closest. From top clockwise:

Sherwin Williams Coastal Plain

Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze

Farrow & Ball PigeonFrom Left to Right: Pigeon, CP, AHWe thought about painting the office door the same color as the island.

Top to bottom: Pigeon, CP, AH

But each color had an issue. Pigeon was too grey, coastal plain was too green and acacia haze was just not right. I decided of the three, Pigeon was my favorite and decided to see how it looked in the morning. I painted the left side all in pigeon to confirm it was the right choice. However, when I came down to look at it the next day instead of feeling confirmation I knew it was all wrong. Like not even close. It felt like the island was one big grey block. I realized instead of highlighting the granite it was camouflaging it. I took a look again at our dark green samples and realized they did something special. They made the granite look better than it is. They showcase it and they also make it appear lighter. So back to Sherwin Williams we went on a quest for more samples and we came home with these 3. From top clockwise:

SW Vogue Green

SW Rosemary

SW Rockwood Green

Pretty quickly there was a clear favorite. Meet Rosemary…

It felt like the Italian Sage green’s darker cousin.  Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the 3 darker samples on the island but trust me that it was a “Ding! Ding! Ding!” moment.  And then after about 4 coats of paint on everything, including the quarter round, we cut the quarter round to size and nailed it in.

It even makes me like our runner better.  I’ve thought about getting something cuter but then my son throws crap on it on the daily and I think how I’m kind of happy that I’m not over the moon about this rug.

Here’s our kitchen when it’s clean but not styled for photos – kid artwork all over our fridge and always a load of clean dishes still drying.  My kid goes through about 10 bowls and 6 sippy cups a day because he thinks I enjoy doing dishes.  I don’t. And here’s the proof that the Rosemary did the unthinkable.  It made me fall in love with our granite.  I truly did not expect it.  It’s crazy how color changes the way we see things.Cutest card from my best friend.  Nothing better than finishing a project just in time to enjoy it for your birthday.  The picture below you might recognize from instagram.  Bet you didn’t expect Thomas the train to be hiding out right out of frame… #parenthood

Fancy reveal sans-Thomas right here.


4 thoughts on “A Green Island

    • nicbs says:

      Thanks! The paint I used was Sherwin Williams Emerald in a satin sheen. Love the sheen and the way it looks but I wouldn’t recommend the paint. I’m going to need to repaint in the near future – lots of nicks. I’ve heard wonderful things about Benjamin Moore advance. I used brushes around the trim and a mini roller meant for cabinets on the flat surfaces.


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